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KIRTSIOS BROS Co. was founded in 1983 by Christos and Pantelis Kirtsios, aiming to develop and produce ironing machines of exceptional quality and functionality. The early creation of reliable, high-technology products came as a result of the founder’s technical and scientifical expertise combined with long term experience, in the professional ironing field. This soon brought trust and recognition from the clothing industry in Greece and abroad.

Today, while completing it’s fourth decade of constant offering in the field of the clothing industry, KIRTSIOS BROS has been established as a leading ironing machines manufacturer in the Balkan region. The exporting activities of KIRTSIOS BROS Co. have covered all the neighbouring to Greece countries (Bulgaria, F.Y.R.O.M., Albania, Romania) the Middle East and have extended as far the distant Australia.


Our company’s factory and main office, along with the storehouse and exhibition room, are sheltered in our private facilities of 5.500 m2. The entire establishment is located near the main West entrance of Thessaloniki, in Kalochori. This is were the modern and completely autonomous production process of our products takes place: from designing, until the test and packing of the final product. There you will find us always at your disposal for any sales consultation and technical support that you might require.


Our products are entirely computer aided designed (C.A.D.), and practically materialized by state of the art C.N.C. industrial robot machines, working harmonically with our experienced and technically specialized personnel.

In our continuous effort for constant self-improvement, we have been certified since May 2003, according to the EN: ISO9001/2000 quality management international standard. The certification process was performed by the strictest and of highest standards certification Body this time in Europe, which is the TUV organization (Cert.No: 78 100 4534/2003-08-05). For our customers this is practically translated as a completely documented guarantee of constant quality for all our products and services, which is countersigned by the biggest independent European Certification Body. Our products also offer fully documented compliance with all E.U. directives, concerning the safe operation of electrological hardware and therefore bare the CE marking.

The hydraulic test certificates are made through the QMS’s certification and issued in accordance with the specifications that gave and are much more stringent than the state’s.